Dr. Haleigh Blackwell of Pearly White Dentistry

We highly recommend Keep IT Simple! They’re easy to get in contact with if we ever have an issue and are always quick to resolve it. They’re also very knowledgeable about the dental software that we use.

Switching to them has made our business run smoother and we are VERY satisfied with the service they provide!! I would recommend them to anyone!

Dr. Haleigh Blackwell(Birmingham, AL)

I, like most doctors, am not an expert in computers, network setup or support for the medical office. After utilizing three different IT consultants over the years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t get the help I needed. Keep IT Simple was highly recommended to me by a colleague. The staff at Keep IT Simple is very knowledgeable about the needs of my medical office and presents solutions in a clear and concise manner. I have been a client of Keep IT Simple for five years and feel that I have put all my computer worries away. I feel comfortable in recommending Keep IT Simple to any medical practice that wants to rid their office of computer problems once and for all.

Dr. Kevin Sims(Birmingham, AL)

Once upon a time, our office always had a computer problem. A computer died, a printer did not work, there were network errors and we were spending large periods of time on hold with problems with our medical software company. The local guy we would call would try to help us, but it was at best temporary fixes to a bigger problem. Then one day, Dr. Chip Taylor told me about Keep IT Simple. A representative stopped by our Mountain Brook office and he impressed Chip with his knowledge and a had plan to address our computer needs. Dr. Mark Todd and I met with him and quickly decided to give this company a chance.

Keep IT Simple has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made in our practice. They quickly and efficiently analyzed all eight of our offices, and presented us with specific recommendations, and created an action plan to improve our technology and efficiency. They streamlined the communication of digital records between our offices and spent countless hours working behind the scenes to make it as painless as possible for us.

We are now in our fourth year with Keep IT Simple and are all raving fans. They have a get it done mentality and have always been there for us. I strongly recommend Keep IT Simple to any medical practice.

Dr. John Phillips(Birmingham, AL)

Keep IT Simple has become an important partner of our medical practice. We feel fortunate to work with a company that not only provides immediate response to any issues we may have with our computer network, but also supports so many medical software programs.

Our network system has been updated and organized with impressive attention to every detail. I was sold after the initial presentation of what they could do for us and we have never regretted our association with Keep IT Simple. In fact, it was one of the best business decisions we have made.

Dr. Glenn Stephens(Hoover, AL)