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Having a proper, well working Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR) software is vital to the success of any healthcare facility. Aside from providing the best care possible to your patients, spending the time and money on the absolute perfect software product for your practice is crucial. This is exactly why Keep IT Simple is such a value to your practice. Whether you’ve been open for many years or are beginning to build your practice, let us help you objectively consider your options.

Keep IT Simple is not affiliated with any software companies. This gives us the ability to be completely objective as to what software works best with your patient flow and practice style. Because we are not being sponsored by or receive any compensation from any other company, we can show you what all of your options are – even outside of what is offered by your hardware representative or medical supply company. We pride ourselves in being your “technology consultant” and not just your “computer technician.” We strive to become a critical part of your office technology and to become close advisors to you during your upgrade and new purchase decisions.

Our unbiased experience with so many EHR/EMR/PM platforms also gives us the ability to most troubleshooting and problem solving issues within your software. You can call us and have your issue resolved much more quickly than calling your software’s support solution. Give Keep IT Simple a call and let us help make sure your software is functioning as best it can for your practice!


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