Firewall, VPN & Email Encryption Services

An area of protection that often gets overlooked is right at the source: your network closet. This is where the internet is introduced into your office through a modem – usually provided by your internet service provider. The device that your modem is connected to is your first opportunity to protect your network. Keep IT Simple has used its vast hardware knowledge to make sure that your Firewall and/or VPN router is doing everything that it can to protect you against unauthorized entry to your network by anyone.

Another aspect that gets overlooked is how you are sending communication outside of your office. It is crucial and necessary that you are protecting your email communication properly, especially patient information that is protected by the HIPAA and HITECH Acts. Keep IT Simple understands that this is crucial for your practice, but we also understand that it needs to be easy. An average office can send over 25 emails a day, including protected patient health information. We can help you make sure that these emails are fully protected.


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