Onsite/Offsite Data Backup Protection

Your patient information sits at the core of your entire business. Keep IT Simple knows the absolute importance of keeping a great backup of patient information. Our team of technicians have assembled a fool-proof system for backing up your data. We have an industry-leading process that has been tried and tested effective.

The technology industry has moved quickly toward completely offsite and hosted backups. But what happens when you realize your server isn’t working and you have a waiting room full of people? What happens when you realize you deleted a file you really needed? Do you have the ability to wait on that data to download or be shipped to you from offsite? While Keep IT Simple does employ this method, which is very important, we couple offsite backups with onsite backups to create a multi-layered solution. An onsite backup is on-hand and onsite, and can always be your go-to backup for a fast recovery. Offsite backups are used in situations such as a tornado, flood, fire, and/or other natural disasters. We also educate you and your office staff on how to check these backups so that you can feel in control and can know that your backup solutions are actually working successfully. Let Keep IT Simple help you create a concrete backup solution.


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