Why Managed IT Is Worth It

Do you know how much your company will spend on technology this year? If you have a detailed, realistic technology budget in place, then you probably have a good idea of the IT expenses you’ll incur. But what happens if you experience a critical sy..

What Is Ransomware – and How Can I Protect My Company?

Ransomware – the multi-million-dollar crime scheme that strikes everyone from police departments to individuals – is a pretty terrifying prospect. No one expects their computer to be remotely hijacked and locked up until ransom is paid to the hac..

What Can I Expect from the Free Technology Evaluation?

When medical or dental practices contact us, they are typically looking for a new IT system – but even more than that, they’re looking for expertise. When you’re managing a medical practice or running a dental practice, you just don’t have ti..

Can an Office Truly Go Paperless? No – But There Is Another Option

Ask any office if they are “paperless,” and you will often hear an affirmative response. In the same conversation, though, you’ll hear mention of new patient forms, HIPAA documents, and financial agreements – all of which are paper. So is ..